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Weapon Maintenance

Maintenance products for firearms
Milispec International offers maintenance concepts for professional firearms according to the latest NATO specifications and directives. During the Shooting Sport Information Weekend SIW 2002 in The Netherlands in November 2002, a number of professional products have been launched into the Dutch market for hobby, hunting and sports gunmen.

Multi-functional Weapon Oil S-761 / S-758

This weapon oil has been standardised within NATO for cleaning, lubrication and conservation of all calibre firearms.
S-761 is a fully synthetic product that contains no solvents or solids like PTFE. The product does not have an irritating odour and does not become 'tacky' during periods of storage of the weapons.

Milfoam Forrest ®

Milispec International is the importer of the Finish Milfoam Forrest Bore cleaning Foam. This product removes the harsh copper residues from the weapon bore without being aggressive to the bore material itself.
This Scandinavian product is safe to handle and environmentally safe as well. Unlike other copper removers, Forrest does not contain any Ammonia or Amine ingredients and has no irritating odour.

NETarm®, the flexible bore cleaning system

Milispec International is also the importer of the NETarm® bore cleaning rods and wicks of the French manufacturer, Sigier Capelle.
For any calibre bore there is a tailor made solution to clean the inside of a bore with the enormous force of 12 kg/cm2. The oil resistant rod withstands a 65 kg pulling force.
See for a product demonstration and additional information.

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