STAFF Technical Commercial Team
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    John van der Hoeven
    Managing Director /

    Founder of Milispec International with petrochemical and military background.

    Specialisms: fuels, lubricants, laboratory equipment, micro-biological solutions, contracting, purchasing, key accounts, NATO standardisation

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    ING. Nick Rotteveel
    Military & Export Projects /

    Tender specialist on international project sales with an IT background

    Specialisms: export projects, standardised military products, IT solutions, personal safety equipment, MSDS’s, Product information, “hard to get” products, rush orders, inside sales.

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    Michael van der Hoeven
    Sales Representative /

    Web-related IT and visualisation for marketing, technical and sales are his core businesses with a graphical IT background

    Specialisms: Website development, Web shop, brochures, exhibition materials, private label design, sales support.

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