Gate Valve Lubrication
RS Clare Valve Lubricant 601 is a fully synthetic grease compound, delivering both lubricating and sealing performance within a temperature range of -20F to 350F. RS Clare 601 is specially formulated to provide optimum resistance to aggressive produced fluids and gasses and process chemicals. It is also proven to reduce valve failure in sand services.

Through field trials, RS Clare valve lubricants have been proven to seal leaking gate valves for sustained periods, where other valve lubricants have been unsuccessful. Over many field trials, where 601 has been used in leaking valves, a success rate (valve now holding full pressure) of 70% has often been observed.

RS Clare Valve Sealant 701 is a specially formulated heavy duty valve sealant. In full scale valve testing, it has been proven to seal a severely passing gate valve. 701 is fully resistant to all types of produced hydrocarbons, and also to high levels of H2S and CO2.

Wire Rope Lubrication
For corrosion protection and lubrication of wire ropes RS Clare GRL lubricant offers the best performance. With the resistance to sea water, steam, low and high temperatures and a NLGI Class 2 consistency the product offers the maximum performance and pump-ability for high pressure lubricating systems.

Wire Line Fluids
Wire lines require special products.
RS Clare has built on the successes of its Hydrocarbon and H2S resistant Valve Lubricants with the development of V500 Wireline Fluid, a fully synthetic HOCNF certified Yellow Category fluid. Extensive testing has proven V500 to provide excellent sealing performance. V500 is not prone to polymerisation and helps keep the equipment and rig floor clean.

V300 RLWI (Riserless Light Well Intervention) Wireline Fluid, also HOCNF Yellow Category, was developed in association with a leading Subsea Intervention Equipment Manufacturer and is also suitable for low temperature applications.

V1000 offers excellent corrosion protection in H2S environments and is frequently used with Slick line to enhance the service life of the wire and provide protection both running into the Well and later when spooled.

V1500 offers an alternative for hot climates where greater viscosity is demanded.

Standard Marine and biodegradable lubricants
Milispec represents the following lubricant brands for Marine and Offshore Engines, gearboxes, hydraulic systems and bearings: Addinol, Shell, RS Clare, Fuchs, Klüber, Moly Paul, Zeller & Gmelin and Molyduval. As independent partner we will help you making the best choice for your applications.

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