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NATO approved lubricants

nato lubricants

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Military Lubricrants with NATO-Code: NATO-Code Approved Specification
Aircraft engine corrosion prev. oil concentrate C- 608 (ZX-21) MIL-C-6529C Type I
Piston engine corrosion preventive oil C- 609(OX-270) MIL-C-6529C Type II
Turbine engine corrosion preventive oil C- 610 MIL-C-6529C Type III
Corrosion Preventive Compound. C- 614 (PX-1) DEF STAN 80-217
Corrosion Prev. Comp. Soft film, cold applic. C- 620 MIL-PRF-16173 E grade 2
Corrosion Preventive compound, soluble. C- 630 AIR 8130
Corrosion Prev. Comp. Hard film, cold applic. C- 632 MIL-PRF-16173 E grade 1
Corrosion Preventive Oil, hydraulic system C- 635 MIL-PRF-6083 F
Lubricating Oil, Engine, preservative, grade 10 C- 640 MIL-PRF-21260D Amd 2 grd 10
Lubricating Oil, Engine, preservative, grade 30 C- 642 MIL-PRF-21260D Amd 2 grd 30
Grease, aircraft, synthetic, MoS2 G- 353 MIL-PRF-21164 D, DEF-STAN 91-57
Grease, aircraft, synthetic, extreme pressure G- 354 MIL-PRF-23827 C
Grease, aircraft, synthetic G- 361 MIL-PRF-25760 A Amd. 3
Grease, Plug Valve, hydrocarbon resistant G- 363 SAE-AMS-G-6032 DEF STAN 91-6
Helicopter oscillating bearing grease
G- 366 MIL-G25537 C DEF STAN 91-51
Grease, aircraft, synthetic, pneumatic system G- 392(XG-269) SAE-AMS-G-4343
Grease, aircraft, multi purpose G- 395 MIL-PRF-81322F NLGI Grade 2
Grease, perfluorinated, LOX compatible G- 399 MIL-PRF-27617 F Type III
Grease, automotive and Artillery G- 403 MIL-PRF-10924G DEF STAN 91-27
Grease, lubricating, roller bearing, synthetic G- 421 TL-9150-0075 Ausg. 2
Grease, seawater-resistant G- 460 TL-9150-0066 Ausg. 3

Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum H- 515 (OM-15) MIL-PRF-5606 H DEF STAN 91-48
Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum base H- 520 (OM-18) DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Normal
Hydraulic Fluid, fire resistant,synth. hydrocarbon H- 537 (OX-19) MIL PRF-83282D
Low temp. synth. hydrocarbon, hydr. fluid H- 538(OX-538) MIL-PRF-87257A
Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum H- 540 TL-9150-0035 Ausg. 4
Hydraulic Fluid, synthetic, fire resistant. H- 544 MIL-PRF-46170 C Type I
Hydraulic Fluid, type ATF H- 548 STANAG 7093
Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum, HLP 46 H- 573 TL-9150-0019
Hydraulic Fluid, Zinc free H- 574 TL-9150-0019

Lubricating oil, aircraft piston engines, SAE40 O-115(OM-170) SAE-J-1966 Grade SAE 40
Lubricating oil, aircraft piston engines, SAE50 O-117(OM-270) SAE-J-1966 Grade SAE 50
Lubr. oil, aircraft piston engine dispersant SAE40 O- 123 SAE-J-1899 Grade SAE 40
Lubr. oil, aircraft piston engine dispersant SAE50 O- 125 SAE-J-1899 Grade SAE 50
Lubr. oil, aircraft piston engine dispersant SAE60 O- 128 SAE-J-1899 Grade SAE 60
Mineral lubr. oil, aircraft, petroleum grade 1010 O- 133 MIL-PRF-6081D Grade 1010
General purpose lubricating oil O- 134 (OM-13) DEF STAN 91-44
Mineral lubr. oil, 3 mm²/s viscosity O- 135 (OM-11) DEF STAN 91-99
Lubricating Oil, general purpose, low temp. O- 142 (OM-12) MIL-PRF-7870 C DEF STAN 91-47
Lubricating Oil, Instrument, synthetic O- 147 (OX-14) MIL-PRF-6085 D DEF STAN 91-49
Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine, synthetic, 3 cSt O- 148 (OX-9) MIL-PRF-7808 L grade 3
Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine, synthetic,7.5 cSt O- 149 (OX-38) DEF STAN 91-98
Synth. ester lubr. oil, corrosion inhibited 5 cSt O- 152 MIL-PRF-23699F Grade C/I
Extreme pressure gear oil, light grade O- 153 MIL-PRF-6086E Grade L
Synth. ester lubr. oil, high thermal stability 5 cSt O- 154 MIL-PRF-23699F Grade HTS
Extreme pressure gear oil, medium grade O- 155 MIL-PRF-6086E Grade M
Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine, synthetic, 5 cSt O- 156 MIL-PRF-23699 F DEF STAN 91-101
Lubricating Oil, low temp, aircraft weapons O- 157 (OX-24) MIL-PRF-14107 D DEF STAN 91-102
Lubricating Oil, semi fluid O- 158 MIL-PRF-46000 C
Synth. ester lubr. oil, turb. engine, 5 cSt viscosity O- 160 (OX-26) DEF STAN 91-100
Lubricating Oil, Gen. Purp. Preservative, light O- 190 MIL-PRF-32033 DEF STAN 91-79
Lubricating Oil, Gen. Purp. Preservative,medium O- 192 MIL-PRF-3150D
Lubricating Oil, gear, extreme pressure 80W/90 O- 226 MIL-PRF-2105 E grd. 80W/90
Lubricating Oil, gear, extreme pressure 85W/140 O- 228 MIL-PRF-2105 E grd.85W/140
Lubricating Oil, Engine moderate duty 15W/40 O- 236 TL-9150-0063 Ausg. 4
Lubricating Oil, severe duty Diesel, grade 10W O- 237 MIL-PRF-2104 G grade 10W
Lubricating Oil, severe duty Diesel, grade 30 O- 238 MIL-PRF-2104 G grade 30
Lubricating Oil, O- 253 L-TD ISO VG 68
Lubricating Oil, 2-stroke, self mixing O- 1177 DCSEA 242/A Iss. 1
Lubricating Oil, Combustion Engine, 5W/30
O- 1178 TL-9150-0080 Ausg. 2
Anti-seize compound, aircraft, graphite S- 720(ZX-13) MIL-PRF-5544 D + Defstan 80-80 Iss. 2
Anti-seize compound, Molybdenum disulphide S- 722(ZX-38) Def.Stan 80-81 Iss. 2
Isopropyl alcohol, anti-icing fluid S- 737 (AL-11) TT-I-735A Grade B BS.1595.86
Molybdenumdisulphide powder, lubricating S- 740 (ZX-35) Def.Stan 68-62 Iss. 2
Petrolatum, technical S- 743 (PX-7) Def.Stan 91-38 Iss. 1
De-icing/defrosting fluid S- 745 (AL-5) DTD.406B
Lubricating Oil, weapons, cleaning&protecting S- 758 BT-PS-661
Weapon Oil, General Purpose S- 761 TL-9150-0078 Ausg. 4
Molybdenumdisuphide, lubricating Oil S-1735 (OX-70) DOD-L-25681 D
Cooling Liquid Radar equipment S-1748 MIL-PRF-87252C

Other Military approved products:

Product: NATO Stock Number Additional Information
Water based weaponcleaner for small caliber weapons 6810-17-103-9626
for use in sprinkle and rinsing cleaning systems/baths
Super Degreaser Blue 6850-17-107-1764 Water based
Aircraft Gell Light 2035 6850-17-108-4406 OEM approvals available
Corrosion Preventive body coating ARMY GREEN 8030-17-056-4744 Spraycans 600 ml.
Underbody coating black 8030-17-056-4745 Spraycans 600 ml.
Coachwork /body sealant, Army Green, MS Polymer 8030-17-108-1241 Flexible UV resistant sealant for sealing bodyparts and joints.