Cleaning becomes fun!
Milispec International has a wide range of cleaners, degreasers and descaling agents in its product range for offshore and marine applications.
For removal of the hydrocarbon resistance greases like our RS Clare 601 we have developed a products that removes sealants and grease from metal parts and can also be used as offshore flush-cleaning liquid. The product called 601 Cleaner is not flammable and is not considered a dangerous good according to transport regulations.

Environmentally GREEN thinking
For general surface cleaning/degreasing we have developed a (salt) water dilutable product which is CEFAS approved and actually does its job. Milispec Bio MPC can be diluted up to 1:100 with water and will turn from a heavy pollution remover for paint jobs into a general soap surface cleaner. The technology within the product causes instant grease/oil emulsification and de-emulsification properties after some minutes enabling you to skim the oil from the used cleaning fluid so that the water layer can be safely disposed of on a sewer system. Reduce usage concentration even more by using hot water and/or high pressure equipment if available. Advantages: CEFAS approved, safe in use, safe to use on aluminium, fits green mind-set companies, Economic in use, salt water dilution possible, not regulated for transport.

Descaling without corrosive strong acids
Limescale asks for a special product to dissolve. Standard cleaners with a pH value >7 may dissolve grease and dirt but will leave limescale for what it is. Limescale on metals caused by process water or in heat exchangers needs to be removed to guarantee maximum system performance. Milispec has developed a water dilutable mild-aced cleaner to remove limescale from metal surfaces. Depending on the surface and limescale layer our product van be used pure or diluted up to 1:100 with water. To get the maximum performance on vertical surfaces the product has been made to a gel which hangs on the surface for maximum exposure to the active ingredients. Slightly brushing may increase the performance and rinsing or spraying off with water will finish the job. Product name: Milispec Sanipower Gel

The products mentioned are just some of our premium cleaners/degreasers. Some other specific products are: Floorcleaner, wheelcleaner, Grease&Wax remover, silicon spray remover, aircraft cleaner, crude oil de-emulsifier and waterbased workshop tool cleaner.

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