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Milispec International

Milispec International b.v. was founded in 2001 and started as a supplier of specialty oils, lubricants and portable test and analyzing equipment. Milispec products are mostly used for (para)military purposes but some specialty products find their way into the aerospace sector, the medical sector, and the oil and gas industry.

After having established a solid market share, Milispec International diversified its product scope with fuel infrastructure equipment ranging from individual equipment items such as bladder tanks and fuel pumps, to complete solutions.

Based in the Netherlands, Milispec International has grown into the largest supplier of NATO approved oils, lubricants and analyzing equipment to the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces.

Your specialist and partner for:
- Military lubricants and maintenance products.
- Aviation oils, lubricants, sealants and compounds.
- Mobile sampling and analysing equipment for fuels and lubricant oils.
- Weapon maintenance systems.
- Speciality products for the oil and gas indrustry.
- fuelpumps, filters and accessories.
- Personal safety equipment.
- Oil spill/polution control equipment.
- Aviation oils & lubricants.

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